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What are the signs of AUTISM?

I got this from Always Unique Totally Itelligent Sometimes Mysterious FB Page. 

Find it something interesting and hope this will help those people who always asking/calling about what are the signs of Autism. I hope this can help.


Kesuma Angsana said...

gd one... will share this wit others. dapat juga di FB saya

eima said...

o0o ... faham la sikit2.....

Imran Arif said...

Autism adalah salah satu tanda kehebatan Allah swt. Sila tonton movie Rain Man dan lihat coverage National Discovery tentang Kim Peek dalam YouTube.


salam..thanks awak sebab sudi follow blog sy..tapi atas sebab yang tak dapat di elakkan, sy terpaksa menukar link blog saya..
mohon maaf atas kesulitan..

keep in touch sahabat blogger..