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my first mobile blogging ;-)

Hye peeps,

I dunno how it will look alike :-) I'm trying this from my berry and I don't know how to insert a picture tho :P currently am in Alor Setar, attending a course and today is the first day I woke up from bed without my Megat and Puteri Jr.beside. I've called home a few times yesterday to check on them wether they are OK or not, and my maid told me that Megat Jr. Is calling out my name for a few times. Duhhhh...
I hope I can go thru. Ok, gtg.


alyyani said...

oh lupe, rupe entry ni seperti entry2 lain yg put tulis using desktop / lappy :D

alyyani said...

bape lama put kat alor staq tuh?

nasaoji said...

wah..leh lg rancak berbelog nih..

kak put, kt pun dah jd ibu.. ;)

MY HEART said...

uik.. put,

kursus kat mana??