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Idris dan sepupu-sepupunya...

Gambar ni sebenarnya dah lama bersawang dalam hard disk makcik, tapi masa makcik tengah cleaning ni.. rasa macam menarik jew nak diopload kat blog.

Gambar ni diambil masa Idris tengah dok syok-syok tengok ultraman dengan Abang Jue & Abang Zul Adz. Comelnya.. sebab Idris ni suka kawan dengan diaorang berdua. Rapat semacam je..
Mama hairan, mama tak tahulah sama ada Idris faham atau tak citer ultraman nih... tapi nampak macam faham je.. following je, kan?

Tengok aksi Idris di tengah-tengah, memang anak makcik gila kuasa, sama macam makcik.. hahahah, apa pun, seronok dapat tengok Idris membesar. Membesar dengan sihat ye, anak mama..


I feel terribly guilty..

I didnt go to work today. Actually nothing much happened to me, but to my love, Idris Naquiyuddin. Last night, he felt down from bed, while he is fancily watching Madagascar. Maybe he is too much excited for 'I Like To Move It.. Move It' song kots. It happened in a glance, while her mother was preparing him a milk.

As a result, gigi dia bergoyang dan bibir dia swollen teruk. I bring him to Ampang Puteri immediately. After the hospital kept us waiting for one hour and half, the doctor said, it just a light bleeding, and thanks God.. the teeth wasnt broken though. But, the upper lip still swollen until today. He seems so uncomfortable with the situation, but managed to control his hands for not to hit the lips and the cheeck section.

As a mother, I feel terribly guilty. For all my life, I never experienced this kind of feeling.. I feel bad for not looking after him, even in a while.. even in a glance. I never witnessed him screamed crying out loud like last night. My heart crying, too. How I wish, I've been given a chance to replace him on that time.

Today, I'll bring him again to Ampang Puteri for further check-up, and that's the reason why I didnt came to office today. He is my main priority in life now, I rather do anything to assure his safety and happiness.

God, please.. forgive me.


Buah Hati Saya ;-)

Saja nak upload gambar Idris Naquiyuddin.
Saya rindu anak ini :-)
Cepatlah 5.30pm, I wanna go home!


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